About me

I'm Judith, a nineteen years old law student from Amsterdam. One of my biggest passions is fashion. I LOVE FASHION. I love dressing up, picking out clothes, reading about it, thinking about it and getting inspired by others. A long time I was thinking about a career in fashion, like working at a magazine, designing, styling, etc. But besides fashion I've also always had a lot of other passions, so I've chosen to go to law school, which isn't exactly close to a career in fashion. That's why I've started this blog! In this way I can study what I love to study, but still write and show you guys about my passions, dreams and other things. 
Like I already have said before: I also have a lot of other kinds of passions... I love writing, watching movies, and I am crazy about acting, something I do myself as well! And another thing I'll probably write a lot about is FOOD... I love food. I can hear you thinking 'who doesn't?', but I seriously have a big interest for food. Cooking is one of the thing which can make me feel totally relaxed on every hard day! 

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